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Dilated pupils not using drugs?


I have a question. Could someone using meth not have dilated pupils? My addict seems to be tweaking big time lately, but his pupils look the same as mine whether we are indoors out outdoors. I don't notice them being dilated. Is there anyway his eyes wouldn't dilate? He has all the other tell tale symptoms, i.e., moving around constantly, not eating, not sleeping, always "busy" with something. If he isn't using, why the behaviors? Could it be that he is coming down and the pupils are back to normal? He can be perfectly normal when he is clean, in other words, these are not learned behaviors for him that he has either using or straight.
  Another question. Do any of you see something in your addict that looks different when they are using? I know my addict's face very well, have know him for over 30 years and there is something different about his eyes (not dilated) that I see. I can't exactly tell you what it is but they appear somewhat different. When I look at him and notice the difference in his eyes, I immediately get a sick feeling in my stomach, like I immediately know something is wrong. Do any of you understand what I am trying to say?
I am going crazy as usual. Can't get it in my thick head to let go. I pray that someday that will happen. Thanks for listening.


well...i am not a dr..
but I have been locked up with many bi polar people..
they can act just about like a tweaked person..

no sleep
high energy
not eating

it is an up mood for them.. and usually a hard crash..


It is pretty much impossible to avoid the effects upon the pupils caused by methamphetamine.
That much is for sure.
The only thing I can come up with is a remote possibility of the opposing conditions caused by opiate use.
     Meth users = pupils dilate
     Opiate users = pupils constrict

At this point, I can't really say, but until we find evidence discounting this premise, (rule out) it might be possible.
In other words, if he's using speed and opiates, they may counterbalance each other. Maybe not.

Your statement: "He can be perfectly normal when he is clean" seems suspect. Recovering meth addicts are going to find it virutally impossible to be "perfectly normal" when clean. That just doesn't happen. Not until the addict has been clean for many months or years - if ever.

does your addict wear contacts? could they have colored contacts? thats how a friend of mine use to hide the fact that she was high ... just a thought

maybe he should be seen by a doctor... I mean, if it's not dope, and after 30 years... something sounds like he's not right, you should get a professional opinon.

most of my old pics all you can see of my eyes was pupil. my x wife never knew i had blue eyes never seen me clean
  my son would get a strange look that looked like another person when he used,


yeah its possible -- my pupils dont dilate when i smoke or snort meth. they never have. work couldnt even tell i was high for the first 5 or 6 years. (they did, however, dilate a LOT on ecstasy or when i slammed)
hemet described the worst of my manic highs perfectly.
Oh btw, i have my old meth "behaviors" when im consuming a LOT of coffee. you wouldnt be able to tell the difference. except when im high, im kinda stupid and slow in my head -- cant think straight.
jacked up on caffiene, i have pressured, VERY rapid speech.
i dont know how distorted my reactions are by the bipolar thing, ive eliminated coffee and gone down to 1-2 sodas a week because of mania and sleeping issues.

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