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What is meth rehab like?

What is meth rehab like?
I'm an ex-user / dealer that is about to enter re-hab. It will not be my first re-hab, but my last was when I was 15yr. I have seen a lot of info on the addiction to meth, but what about getting addicted to the money that you may have made from it? It's hard to find a legal job that has the same level of pay. I know that this doesn't sound like a very good question, but it is a honest question that I have had.
chrisgonz Re: What is meth rehab like?
For one, I don't know about you, but peace of mind that you're not contributing to the demise of families through moving the drugs.
Another is an honest earned item usually stays with you, you never have to worry about justifying how you've gotten your stuff and you can have money on you and it's honest legal money.
You're not selling to people and in short killing them.
You'd be a contributing member to society.
You don't have to stress the poe-poe.
You have way less drama and nasty people in your home and in your life.
You start meeting people that can actually be a stepping stone for something legal in the future or current situation.
Don't have to worry about snitches, warrants, cops looking at you, following you.
You can save your soul from going to hell, if you believe in good and evil.
Those are some of the things that made me decide to stop moving shyte.

You teach your kids an honest way to live drug free.
You stop a cycle of living a life of drugs and most likely future generations.
You let mamas stay with their children.
Dads at home, taking the position in their families they should, as well as teens, many too young to be dealing with addiction.
You help not to destroy the neighborhoods more than they already are.
Most addicts get back into their stuff.
le grumps Re: What is meth rehab like?
I hope Spasemonkey see's your post because I bet he has something good to say for you.

I was never a dealer so I cannot relate. What I can say is that by going to rehab, you are not just there to remove drugs from your life. You are there to fix your life, the totality of it.

I met women in my rehab who were addicted to gangbanging, just as much as the drugs.

I met women who were addicted to sex and using men just as much as drugs.

I met women like my self, who were addicted to food and overachievement, just as much as drugs.

The key to letting go of all those crutches is to be true to your own self, the real you. You probably don't even know who that is yet. As addicts (of whatever type), we build houses of cards with our lies and self-deceit. In rehab, you have the prime opportunity to knock it all down and see the person you really are, the good person. And learn to not be afraid or ashamed of that person.

I wish you the best, and am excited for you that you are taking the plunge!

You'll see that money isn't everything. You may not believe it now, that you can detach from that obsession, but it's possible.
Re: What is meth rehab like?
Hi and its great your going into rehab and could be the most important thing you have ever done for your self.As for the money there are ways to make good money if you apply your self to find those ways, not to seem mean but just my opinion anyone selling meth is no 1, to lazy to make money honestly,2 not caring that they are feeding addicts poisen,3 contribiting to the meth epidimic, I could go on but if you read the post here im sure you know other problems caused by meth. Not saying you alone are responsible but that any that sell meth are responsible at least in part for the many problems caused by meth use. Please think about that and not the money and stay with the rehab and improve your life and in time you will find a legal way to make good money. Let the old life go in time you will be so glad you did and i wish you the best luck in staying clean. blueangel
Re: What is meth rehab like?
I think that by going to rehab and changing your life for the better you will make yourself available for karma to be on your side. I can't say that you will be rewarded financially someday, but I think you will be rewarded in a way that will make this day seem meaningless.

Best wishes to you, Tn. Will you re-join us when you return?
Re: What is meth rehab like?
My husband was arrested on charges of Conspiracy to Manufacture Meth. He served his time and is now clean. He made meth, then sold it and used it. He was always loaded. Never had to work. The money was power for him and he loved it soooo much.

He still likes money way too much, but now he makes it honestly. He does have a good job. He has made it his passion to work hard for what he has now. My advice to you is to make it your passion to find your niche, get a degree (or not), and find an awesome job that you love. It is absolutely possible for you to be satisfied with your earnings and to be content.

Just remember that money is not everything. Look other places for your happiness so that you don't rely on money.

Good luck! You'll be in my prayers. Let us know how things go...

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