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Meth objects / paraphernalia stresses me out - why?

LoveMet Meth objects / paraphernalia stresses me out
I have a question, it has been awhile since my fiancee' has used. But when ever I find anything from his using days (porn cut outs razors straws) OR I find something that makes me think he relapsed. I had a very severe reaction to it and I get very scared and paranoid. My fiance' put me through alot, and was very abusive. Has this happened to anyone AND...should I seek counseling?
Hemetchik Re: Meth objects / paraphernalia stresses me out
do you feel you were damaged before or after the relationship...they say we choose abusive spouses because we were brought up in a dysfunctional home...i dunno, i am not a dr...i think everyone could use counseling...

it has helped me tremendously to speak about all that i cant make sense of...to have someone reason my lunatic thoughts and keep things in perspective and to tell me i am not as crazy as i thought...i guess that is why i am on meds...cause i am NOT THAT crazy...
LoveMet Re: Meth objects / paraphernalia stresses me out
I had problems before, but never like this. I get scared more easily and I have nightmares ALOT. And I know this does not sound like much but it is a horrible feeling.
Penelope Re: Meth objects / paraphernalia stresses me out
Is this stuff you are just seeing everywhere, or stuff you find in the house?

If you'r finding it around the house, and he's still there...well...something weird is going on...
Hemetchik Re: Meth objects / paraphernalia stresses me out
you dont do meth?
LoveMet Re: Meth objects / paraphernalia stresses me out
No, I have Never used Meth

And I have not found straws and razors in awhile but the porn cut outs I still find all the time. It was his useless tweak activity.
Hemetchik Re: Meth objects / paraphernalia stresses me out
if your suffering from paranoia..or fear...something needs to happen...i suffer from paranoia and I am on medication for it..i do think it was from my years of using meth...but if he is causing these fears and is in active use...you would probably beniefit from coda, alanon...a counselor...someone to help you with this..if you plan on staying with him while he uses..
JUSTCATS Re: Meth objects / paraphernalia stresses me out
It does sound like PTSD. Look it up on the internet. Also, if you have been through an abusive relationship, check out:www.drirene.com

Dr. Irene's "Catbox" forum was a life saver to me. My ex was abusive and addicted to meth. (even though I never knew it back then).

I am sure, that there are alot of people that have been through abusive situations at this site. Whether it is physical, emotional, or verbal abuse, it is still abuse and takes a toll on a person.

I also have PTSD, because of the ex/addict that I lived with. Sometimes things trigger it for me and often, it doesn't affect me. Anyhow, check out the Catbox at Dr. Irene's...

Take care

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