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Staying clean around meth and drug users

vctry7 Staying clean around meth and drug users...
I am just curious, how many people were able to get and stay clean without avoiding friends and family that are addicts/alcoholics - at least in the beginning?

I always thought it would be very hard to do, if not impossible. I had to cut off all contact with everyone that used. Now, I am around some, but they are just acquaintances, not friends.
deeeCA Re: Staying clean around meth and drug users...
No - I cannot be clean/sober hanging around with people that drink and use. I'm the weakest person when it comes to that. The devil on my shoulder knows they'll (really I WILL) let me drink/use. I was never strong enough.

And I'm still not. I know that and therefore can only be around people (at least in the beginning of my recovery) that are clean and sober.
seeker Re: Staying clean around meth and drug users...
When I decided to not do that drug and lifestyle anymore, I told the few people that I had met that I am done.. I never seen them anymore.. It was over that fast.. My other half is the only one I still see everyday that uses..

My best answer to why I don't use when he is around and does might be because I am a very determined person and was raised thinking that you can do anything you put your mind too...

When I feel that he might be high, I don't get cravings.. If anything, I feel sick to my stomac.. When your around something you don't want your children or yourself around, its not the best of feelings..

I also have been a person through my life that can be alone and not have to be apart of the crowd.. I like friends and spending time with people but, I can also be alone.. (adults that is) I am always around and with my children..

Why would you be around users when your not part of that life anymore? I don't think you would..

Re: Staying clean around meth and drug users...
I firmly believe that this last time my son used, had he not gone upon the hill, he would not have used. Could be wrong, but don't think so.

I think even he sees his mistake in going there.
Re: Staying clean around meth and drug users...
Not me, and I still avoid those types over 16 years later!
I have no reason to be around them
PS. I should clarify I've had a few jobs where I've had to work with addicts, but it was tolerable as they were usually in a different area than me at work.
Re: Staying clean around meth and drug users...
I couldn't have. No way.
It took me years to get to a point where I could be around those using and it not bring out cravings-mostly just thoughts of there but by the grace of God go I.
Sometimes the thought wouldn't it be nice would hit- but not very often and never a second thought of wouldn't it be nice if.
Anymore to work with users is extremely aggravating because they do not have a brain.
Extremely aggravating. I can't stand to work with someone who is using.
Re: Staying clean around meth and drug users...
Recovery 101 > Avoid any and ALL people places or things that can get us spun, drunk, or otherwise altered.
Placing ourselves in the midst of those who use is asking to relapse...whether we're consciously aware of it or not.
Some call it "cunning, baffling, and powerful"...
I call it stupid, at least when I did it....
reeeeal stupid.

Re: Staying clean around meth and drug users...


Placing ourselves in the midst of those who use is asking to relapse...whether we're consciously aware of it or not

co-signed^ what Dan said.

Hell, I had to get out of Dodge that day in order to stay alive. That day was July 1, 1996, and I drove north, like 17-20 hours on the Interstate from California to the state of Washington, and wound up in a little town that was just a ferry ride away from Victoria, British Columbia. I stayed there for 3 months, until I felt safe enough to go back to Dodge and turn myself in to the authorities.
While I was awaiting court dates, and final sentencing that would determine how long I would be locked up and where, I would ride the train from Northern California to Southern California to be with my family, because it was still very, very difficult to be back in "Dodge" and not run to the dope man/men/woman/women.
I was sentenced in February, 2007, and I left that town in a State Dept. of Corrections van, with shackles on my wrists, and around my waist, and leg irons on my ankles...
and I haven't been back to that town since.
I know I wouldn't be tempted were I to go back now, but I seriously had to stay away from people, places and things that could draw me back into that hideous lifestyle.

Re: Staying clean around meth and drug users...
Question for all of you.
When you are talking about staying away from the places and people that use or drink in the begining of recovery, do you also mean casual 2 glasses of wine kind of ocasions of gatherings? That if your are a type of addict where alcohol triggers things too. I know that some addicts/alcoholics try to be nice to their family and friends and be around all that, even in the begining of their recovery. Or they can't be completely honest with their family, so have to fake and endure the holidays and stuff.
Are they advantually setting themselves for a relapse?

So much
Re: Staying clean around meth and drug users...
I believe avoiding the triggers is the success to rehab. Although most of you know, I haven't dealt with the addiction myself, but my son did. Changing who you associate with and where you hang out is very important in recovery. ANd the time of recovery in avoiding those triggers is different for everyone. Some people may have to avoid those situations for ever.

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