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Does one urinate more while on Meth?

blondie Do you urinate more on meth?
I think I read somewhere that a person who is high on meth urinates all the time. Is this true? And if so why?
Lisa Re: Do you urinate more on meth?
Nope, it's been my experience that the opposite is true. When I was using, I was "too busy" to pee, or the urge was stifled by the drug. It's when I got clean that my body relaxed, and THAT'S when the peein' started!

Also, when you use, you're usually dehydrated much of the time, which would keep you from goin'.

I know this seems to be the trend with the people I knew - didn't pee much when using, but floodgates open when clean! LOL
Re: Do you urinate more on meth?
you don't go often, or drink water often, so when you do go
it's brown, or dark...sometimes it smells sulfery.

you could take the paint off the wall with it.
Re: Do you urinate more on meth?
I never went pee while I was using...NEVER! Now, I wake up in the middle of the night to go pee. Damn it...lol.
Sfj Re: Do you urinate more on meth?
The old tweaker joke goes something like this:

"What do you call a tweaker who it taking a sh*T?"

Answer: "Show off"

You could substitute "p*ss" for "sh*t" and the joke would work just as well.
Re: Do you urinate more on meth?
I hardly ever pee'd while using amd when I did it was like pancake syrup, I also never ate enough to make a turd.
this is kinda sick but true, I knew this guy who used to save some of his pee after using for a few days thinking he could get the meth back out of it, we nicknamed him
Just one of the sick thoughts of a meth user
CMR Re: Do you urinate more on meth?
My husband said that he used to have to pee 10 minutes after he smoked whether he had to go before he smoked or not. It definitely made him have to go.
Sfj Re: Do you urinate more on meth?

Do you think he might have been lying to you?

Not that a meth addict would lie?

I'm just wondering why he'd say that?
Re: Do you urinate more on meth?
I would say he was probably going to the bathroom to pull on his willey...
no more
Re: Do you urinate more on meth?
I remember being happy if we had to go ...um..."show off " right after we scored. Means it was good shyt !!

Don't remember about peeing though. Sorry...

wee willy winky fascinating,...the obsession never ends...
Re: Do you urinate more on meth?
we had this discussion a few months back..the score @#%$ and why it happens...i think loraura had said something getting released in the head caused the release in da azz

i know i am guilty...everytime..

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