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What hobbies have you abandoned because of Meth?

lax2 Abandoned HOBBIES because of meth?
I was just watching the Surfers at Half moon Bay, on Mavericks Surf Classics and It got me thinking.

I remember how when I first moved to California back in 1982 I used to love to go out to the beach every weekend.
I'd just love to ride the waves on my boogie board in my new found sunny home, which I loved. It also gave me a nice tan which I'd show off that night, dressed in white at some disco. I couldn't help but go deep into reminiscing about how much I adored and flourished in that golden lifestyle. I even gave up drinking in 1983 so I felt like a new man. I remember lying on the beach absolutely loving listening to my NEW WALKMAN as SWEET DREAMS by EURYTHMICS played... Love this song! I was at top of my world.

Then I can't help but wonder ... Now justy why did I stop going to this paradise to release my soul every SAT & SUN ?

For years I've thought I had simply outgrown it, gotten bored with it, had a painful relationship, got a bad sunburn once to many times... Perhaps it was because
I'd become aware of the dangers of skin cancer, and gotten wise to the dangers of sun. Well I used sunscreen for that.

NO, DAMMIT!!! I realize that just maybe it had something to do with the fact that in spring 1985 I'd done a line or 2 of what I thought was coke, It turned out to be METH ..... and I'd @#$%ed all night!!! I was altered overnight. I WAS under it's spell.

Much as I spent the next three days in living hell, convinced I' had come down with some Deadly disease, all the while, full of doom, paranoid and unable to sleep, having to trudge to work MONDAY, TERRIBLE TUESDAY, I swore over and over NEVER AGAIN, NO F%$#ING WAY!!!, too GNARLY!!! Not worth it!!!

Of course by Thursday I was Feeling Better, and sometime after someone at work on Friday said... What are YOU GONNA DO this weekend? Something inside me clicked...

You See ONCE That first thought of MAYBE I SHOULD...try to find some... clicks inside you... You are on the collision course of another DATE or BINGE with "THE DEVIL"

This became my pattern for the next 5 years. I never gave much thought to the things ID previously LOVED , such as riding the waves... WHAT HOBBIES HAVE YOU ABANDONED due to your pursuit /Dancing with the devil / of chasing that first high with meth? HOW is THAT workin for you. Will you regret the lost time. Man I could have been surfin...
Sfj Re: Abandoned HOBBIES because of meth?
You're right, and I wonder how many new Ducati's Ferrari's, Mortgages, and trips to Florence Italy I shot in my veins.
25 years
but no
Re: Abandoned HOBBIES because of meth?
I used to love speed skating when I was young. I used to race for the City of Los Angeles. Life was good then. Someone turned me on to cigarettes, and then to pot, and then to coke, and then to meth, and then I wasted the next 25 years of my life being addicted to it.
lax2 Re: Abandoned HOBBIES because of meth?
Well yeah REGRET is a strong word... I mean who knows... on the other hand, had i continued goin to the beach I could be dead of skin cancer,,,so who KNows...

But meth sure put a damper on alot of my interests and pastimes...
Sfj Re: Abandoned HOBBIES because of meth?
I would have crashed my Ducati into your Ferrari in Florence on my way to pay the Mortgage on my villa.
lax2 Re: Abandoned HOBBIES because of meth?
I always used to say that If Id ever mad it big and made alot of money... I'd be dead by now, because my appetite for drugs would just have had more fuel to burn...
more money would have just meant more of everything...
guess im not the only one who thought either huh?

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