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Pornography, erectile dysfunction, and Meth

Pornography, erectile dysfunction & Meth
Can anybody shed some light on this one for me?

Meth user for 15 years, has LOST his manhood to this drug, IE: Crystal Dick, and has become totally impotent in life, IE: Tweek & Spin.

What is the motivation to seek out Pornography, "Adult Dating" web sites and DO NOTHING. Can't hardly leave the house.

Is it just simply the symptoms of just how far the addiction has progressed - More downhill from here?
LoveMet Re: Pornography, erectile dysfunction & Meth
I can honestly say I do not understand either. My fiancee' would buy loads of porn, and make collages of porn. But he could not perform sexually hardly at all and would blame ME if he could not. THEN after that stupidty, he would attempt to make me watch hours of porn...while I eh hem helped him and if did not work he always got angry.
blondie Re: Pornography, erectile dysfunction & Meth
I don't understand this either...but from everything that I have read they go hand in hand....
My ex is involved in all the pron and dating sites...was/is on a site called bored wifes...pretty sick too me..


Re: Pornography, erectile dysfunction & Meth
The brain say go, the body says no.
Meth attacks the sexual drive center of the brain and creates a hypersexual monster that feeds on porn, and vice versa. Solo sex [if any] is par for the course. Some refer to it as "mental masturabation". Regardless of what we call it, the hypersexuality, depravity, debauchery and hours in the bathroom eventually "peter out" and fade to impotence and indifference.
Loraura Re: Pornography, erectile dysfunction & Meth
SFJ cracks me up with his favorite term for this -- "the 24 hour taffy pull"!
Re: Pornography, erectile dysfunction & Meth
So if the body is saying no then what happens when they use viagra or cialis in combination with the meth?

I'm guessing a 4 hr taffy pull?
Re: Pornography, erectile dysfunction & Meth

Taking Viagra, or Cialis did not work .... AT ALL. NO ERECTION, the dick was in a coma.

As for the 4 hour taffy pull ... nope. NOTHING WORKED.

As a result, I have gone without meat, I am not a vegetarian ... a woman cannot live on potatos alone ...
Re: Pornography, erectile dysfunction & Meth
Hey Crystal,

From my understanding porn could be meth related but then again it could be an addiction on its own...
Sfj Re: Pornography, erectile dysfunction & Meth

Meth works on the center part of the human brain. This is the part that regulates the more primitive aspects of our mental process. The center deals with such things as pleasure, cravings, and instinctive actions without regard to reason, logic, or higher functions of thinking.

The front part of the brain, or the administrative part is what controls higher level thinking. These areas include logic, analysis, morality and the ability to reach rational decisions based upon fact, truth, and global methods of viewing a situation. When meth is used, the front part of the brain gets ignored. It is as if reason, and logic get shut down.

The center part of the brain gets highly stimulated from meth. The user has an urgency to find something that defies logic, common sense, decency, and moral virtue in order to gratify the need that meth has created. By exploring forbidden areas of pleasure and perverse behavior, even as a fantasy, or maybe I should say, especially as a fantasy, those areas of the center portion of the brain receive the things that they seek.

As time goes on, what served as adequate titillation, and excitement, soon becomes boring and mundane and the meth user needs more perverse and more bizarre stimulation to satisfy the need created by meth use.

The fantasies and imaginary world of a meth user is much more real and satisfying than an actual partner in many cases. In CMA meetings, it is common for a tweaker to tell about how many VCR?s he wore out during his tweaking days.

Another thing about fantasy vs., reality, is that the user does not have to consider anyone else. Solo sex is often the preferred method of many meth users because it is the only time where anything goes, no one complains, and the user is in full control of the situation. Control is a big factor. Meth users feel the need to control whatever they can, whenever they can in order to satisfy the center of the brain that has been poisoned by meth.

Gay porn often creates a sufficiently taboo and naughty outlet for the user to get what the drug requires.

The above explanations are certainly not true in every case. But you?d be surprised how often they are.

An answer to your question is this:

Consider eating a cheeseburger to be one, or one hundred percent on the pleasure scale.
Pleasure is, in a way, the release of dopamine, and some other chemical changes in the brain.
An orgasm, might be 200 per cent
Cocaine, maybe 225
Meth is one thousand.

Most men have what is called, ?UNCONTROLLABLE SEXUAL DESIRE? in the official literature of CMA .

How Meth Addicts Think and Feel
Re: Pornography, erectile dysfunction & Meth
AHHHH! I hate porn, and the thing is that I didnt hate it until me and my hubby were using. He became so addicted to it that it would make me cry cause I could be laying next to him ready to do whatever sexual thing he would want and he would be so engrossed in the porn. And then came the online chate rooms and so forth. I even caught him once cause I found out what chat room he was going on through his cell phone(meant going through his phone while he was asleep!!!!) and I logged on with a screen name on my phone and talked to him for about an hour while i was supposed to be in class and I came home in absolute tears cause he was saying that he was single and asking what I looked like. But we never had a problem getting the goods to rise to the occasion it was getting him to complete it took like three days. But anyways to whoever is having this problem with spouses or other people in there life. Porn hasnt even been touched since the day we got sober he even sold his!!!
Re: Pornography, erectile dysfunction & Meth
Thanks SFJ ......I appreciate your response.

I will go back and read it again, and I am sure I will get more out of it.

Your response explains alot more than just the pornography. I have often said to myself (and others) that where he is concerned, all logic and reason has gone out the window. It has become impossible to communicate with him. I care about him so much, I cannot watch this. It breaks my heart. I joke about it, try and laugh - it's just a way of coping. Sometimes I cry too. But, it's getting easier.

The last time I saw him .... his hair line has dramatically receded, pasty grey/brown skin tone, and Type II Diabetes with sugar levels of 299.
Refuses medication, self blood sugar monitoring, and will not consider recovery. All I could do is walk away.
Re: Pornography, erectile dysfunction & Meth
Does what stage of the high your in have any affect on the performance level?

My personal experience with a user was that it would stand but was short lived the majority of the time. I never could tell if he was using or not. A couple of times it could have went on for days and I remember noticing that his temp was extremely hot at that time.

That's why I asked about the viagra or cialis. Now because of the hot temp and the marathon ... I'm wondering if he had just gotten high?
Turnkey3 Re: Pornography, erectile dysfunction & Meth
MAMA (Mothers Against Methamphetamines)teaches that porn is a trigger and will cause cravings (for meth). I don't know if this has anything to do with what your are asking, but it may, huh?

Re: Pornography, erectile dysfunction & Meth
you are too selfish to please someone else.
.....you please yourself.

sometimes your desires proceed what you are willing to admit to a parner you would like..because you usually would'nt want that.
.................so, you draw, or buy porn.

not to be obscene...just for example.

....I was with a partner, we both we're high...I told him to pinch my nipples hard and harder...

...I woke up in blood...his finger nail went thru my left nipple...and i did'nt know till the next day.

it's severe.

with the threshold of pain you can enjoy/endure and the strength you get, stamina, level of arousal..
...it's like a BOLD sensitivity, not ticklish...it turned me into a dangerous perverted monster.

can you imagine a sexual preditor? or pediphile on meth?

.....but when I'd jack off, the world was safe again.

the things in my mind.
.....the twisted perversion,were real nasty fantasies that when you are done you think...

I got off on that?!
....it's like a inward sexual trip.

it's better than STDs tho.

.....I don't think the same things I thought doing speed.
not even close.

Sfj Re: Pornography, erectile dysfunction & Meth
To Turnkey3,

I am one of Mary Holley's biggest fans. I consistently recommend her book, website and program.

But she misses the mark a bit on this one. The only triggers for meth, are meth and breathing air.

Porn won't trigger meth in someone who has never used.

But meth will definately trigger porn.
Re: Pornography, erectile dysfunction & Meth
Jeez .... I am in no way a prude, but Suzette, you have opened my eyes in a way that both sickens, and saddens me.

There is no way a woman like myself, could EVER understand this, without a no nonsense, no BS, point of view such as yours. Thank you.

It's just further evidence for me that I didn't belong there, and it makes me afraid.

I had no clue.
Re: Pornography, erectile dysfunction & Meth
oh man...
...it sickens and saddens me too.

I was faithful, and I had long time partners when I did it.
.....that also used.

one went completely psychotic, thinking what i did with him I was doing with everyone....
................and I never left home.

the other wanted me to stick a cucumber up his ass.

........I said we could hire someone to do it, and i would wait outside.

he got me to draw tranvestites blowing him...
....I can draw, and the pictures looked exactly like him.

I happily did it, because of the weird subject matter.
.....but each passing picture, estranged me more and more
from him.

I was'nt a trannie, or a very young girl...like teenagers
.....having sex with him.

the more I did'nt want to be in bed with him, and the more I was in the bathtub, because I jack off with running water.

ha ha ha!
Re: Pornography, erectile dysfunction & Meth
Thanks for the laugh ....

He never asked me to do anything like you describe ...
I am a non-meth user ...  Maybe not exactly normie, however I am a recovered cocaine addict of 17 years.

It was all the torture I could stand, just by being with him and listen to the crap of "why" he couldn't get it up ... everything from "I have performance anxiety", to "Older men have this problem, you know" , to "No, it's not the Pot" to "No it's not anything else" (never did he admit to the Meth.) to "No, it's not YOU", to "No, we don't need to watch porn." to "Well, I have Diabetes Type II you know, that could cause it" .... and on and on.

Perhaps a cucumber up his A** would do the trick. I'm afraid I would have to hire someone for that too ... can you pass along her number?
Re: Pornography, erectile dysfunction & Meth
check your inbox..
...we can afford to speak even more openly at my cyber house..
..so you can get your answers with no holes barred.

Re: Pornography, erectile dysfunction & Meth
I don't hear women discussing this topic much.

I started watching porn while on meth. I don't really find it all that shocking anymore. I found Sfj's post about the brain stimulation very informative.

I wonder if that same concept relates to sexual behavior other than watching porn. I know I didn't exactly make the best choices when it came to sex while I was getting high. I wasn't safe, or choosy. I was not a "nice" girl. Some of my other female using buddies were into some very strange shyt too. Stuff I didn't understand.

I have a pretty normal sex life now. We had more before the baby came, which is pretty normal as far as I know. My sex drive used to be more than my husband's, now it is less I think. I feel sad about it. I started to feel very self-conscious and unsexy after all the surgery I had to deliver the baby and to help my post-op infections, I quite a few incisions and felt kind of like a pin cushion, or something. My son is almost 1 year old, in July, and I'm still tired a lot of the time.

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