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Meth, porn, and another perspective

Sfj Meth, Porn, and another perspective.
This is probably very risky to attempt a post like this. How could I resist?

Meth is certainly a very dangerous chemical. In well over 99.99 percent of users it is harmful and even toxic. Medically prescribed meth is so rare as to be almost irrelevant on a forum like this although it does exist.

Meth stimulates. Period. That is what is does.
It stimulates the center part of brain. It stimulates the sex drive in the vast majority of users. Empirical research has indicated that there are some people who use meth who don’t get sexually stimulated. I think I’ve met both of them. They also may have been lying, I don’t know.

Many people, myself included, have sexual appetites that are virtually insatiable, especially when using meth. Some of us were given libidos by nature, God, heredity or whatever you call it that are extremely high and reside in the upper percentiles of the bell shaped curve. Others, who were given lower libidos have difficulty understanding us and seem to be quick to judge us as perverts and sex maniacs. That’s ok. It is quite common for some folks to misunderstand and even erroneously judge people who are different from themselves. Isn’t that what prejudice is all about?

Meth and porn are made for each other. They stimulate the user way past anything reasonable, logical, or healthy. They feed on each other’s debauchery and decadence. They create a synergistic nasty power that is self-perpetuating and skyrockets out of control at a moment’s notice.

But porn by itself is another subject entirely. It is vicarious. Vicarious means experienced or realized through imaginative or sympathetic participation in the experience of another.
It is not real. It is fiction. It is entertainment. Just like anything else, taken to extreme, it is unhealthy, dangerous, degrading, and creates problems.

For the sake of this post, I’m going to use the term “Erotica” and “Porn” interchangeably. That is because I want to avoid the more dirty and sicko, or illegal forms of porn for this thread. Maybe at another time, but for now, let’s concentrate on the ‘milder’ form. The legal stuff that one can find easily at 7-11 or on the popular websites. Avoiding things like child porn, scat, pedophilia, nonconsensual BDSM, and things I’d better not mention.


Again, porn (visual erotica) is Vicarious. It is a viewing activity. It is not reality. It is fiction. It is a form of visual sensuality meant to entertain. Is it degrading? I really don’t agree with that notion any more than I’d agree with the notion that Dr. Phil is degrading to men. He is. BTW, I like Dr. Phil, but what man in reality could possibly live up to the image and expectations that he broadcasts a few times a day in every market in the USA.
Image? Are you kidding. Here’s this big overweight, bald-headed, filthy rich, Texas drawl, Hollywood Celebrity, telling normal guys like us how we need to be more sensitive to our wives. Gimme a break - PUH – LEASE. Who on earth can measure up to that guy’s standards? Why is his audience ninety per cent women? Because men get slammed, admonished, scolded, reprimanded, and embarrassed by Dr. Phil. But again. I still like his show. But I also find porn entertaining.

How about “Chick Flicks?” So called “Romantic Comedies?” Aren’t those degrading to men? If you ask a woman she will say “NO OF COURSE NOT.” But how on earth can any man live up to the roles that some of those guys play. Starting with Fred Astair, Rock Hudson and then those of a couple decades ago, “Sleepless in Seattle” or “Ghost.”
I consider those to be as trashy as many movies I’ve seen on the porn screen, and whole lot less entertaining.

Vicarious entertainment for me is NFL Football and NASCAR and F-1. I can’t get enough. I don’t have to feel bad that I can’t run as fast as Deon Sanders, throw like Joe Montana, hit like Ronnie Lott or catch like Jerry Rice. I’m not accusing Jeff Gordon, A.J. Foyt, Mario Andretti, or Michael Schumacher of trying to degrade me. It is vicarious entertainment. Just like porn.

Talk about humiliating, Did you ever see the size of some of those male porn actors. We’re talking about serious intimidation here. Elephantitis of the groin. Women have nothing to fear when it come to size of breasts.

Half a century ago, sex was a totally different situation than it is today. The standards, morals, conventions, practices, laws, and public opinion have been forever changed by birth control and the sexual revolution it caused.

Is there evidence that porn makes the viewer more distant? Of course not. I can publish findings that say the opposite. No problem. The most commonly quoted statistic that I’ve seen is that about fifty percent of us watch or look at porn, either occasionally or on a regular basis. I don’t believe that statistic either, quite frankly. But I could be wrong. I think it is higher.

I’d better stop and wait for some replies.
Re: Meth, Porn, and another perspective.
Just want to add...
I did a little research on this awhile back, as I couldn't understand the sex / porn addiction my husband acquired only after he started slamming meth. When he was smoking it, he was 'manageable'.

So just to add some info - research studies show that one hit of meth intravenously (for males) is equal to the same sensation of 10 orgasms on top of one another that can last anywhere from 15 - 30 minutes.

Yes his sex drive was very high while smoking, but became more perverted when slamming. I know now why (from a scientific standpoint.)
Loraura Re: Meth, Porn, and another perspective.
SFJ -- what is it exactly that you feel Dr. Phil suggests you do as a good husband, that you feel is an unreasonable standard to live up to?
Sfj Re: Meth, Porn, and another perspective.
To NN,

I agree with you NN.
That is the nature of addiction.
The addict mentality says,
“If one is good, two is better and ten is what I’ll settle for.” (temporarily)
Same with any addiction.

If one drink is good, two is better.
If a beer is good, a twelve pack is better.
For gamblers, if a slot machine is good, a slot machine, roulette wheel and blackjack table is better.

Over eaters, if one slice of cheese cake is good, two is better, getting the whole thing in a take out box is even better.

That is “Classic Addict” (t)
khalamity Re: Meth, Porn, and another perspective.
I agree with SFJ on all points here. Especially the Dr Phil thing. Dr Phil is selling ideals that are virtually unrealistic. Sure, there are plenty of men out there that can and do fit into the mold he is trying to create. However, we are a very gendered society, and I'll be damned if my husband will ever take on the womanly role in our home, or even be more sensitive... if he did, he would probably be called a fag or be referred to as chain whipped by his friends and peers. Not saying that is wrong.. it just isn't going to happen.

Dr Phil has women viewers because he tells us what most women WANT TO HEAR... lots of women wish they had a man as warm and logical as Dr Phil... but the majority of men in the USA are pigs... (that's a good thing). He sells to a primarily female market, and that is precisely what he is doing.. selling.
Sfj Re: Meth, Porn, and another perspective.
To Loraura,
I could answer two ways,
1. A straight answer in keeping with the thread. He says that men shouldn’t view porn. (rather a simple answer, I admit)
2. A question for a question.
Does he (Phil) approve of Larry Flynn or Hugh Hefner, who are extremely successful and very good at what they do?

Do they publish what "you feel is an unreasonable standard to live up to?"

P.S. Don't take any of this too seriously. I don't.
Loraura Re: Meth, Porn, and another perspective.
Se, SFJ, I hear something different when I hear Dr. Phil.

I hear him say that for a man who's wife is hurting because he views porn, and wants to know how to save his marriage, that the answer is -- don't view porn.
I don't hear him say no man should ever. Perhaps that is an assumption some make. I haven't made that same assumption.

I hear him say people should respect each other if they plan to stay together, and that seems pretty simple to me.
I hear him give a logical suggestion to a problem that was brought to him for his review and advice.
I have no idea what Dr. Phil thinks of Mr. Flynn or Mr. Hefner. To my knowledge they haven't come to him for help with their relationship problems.

Not all women have a problem with their husbands viewing porn and taking *cough* action into their own hands, so to speak.

Some encourage it. Some hate it, but accept it. Some will leave a relationship over it. (Some will stay and argue forever over it, which is a another issue).

Are you SURE he says all men shouldn't view porn?
Or is it that he says Men in relationships with women who are hurt enough to be drawing lines about it, should not view porn if they want their relationship to be different than it is right now without leaving it?
Re: Meth, Porn, and another perspective.
How about “Chick Flicks?” So called “Romantic Comedies?” Aren’t those degrading to men?

Aren't they degrading to all of us? They are of the mentality that you fall in love usually after some stupid drama and then life is forever wonderful after that.

I don't actually know that degrading would be the word that I would use. It is more like encouraging unrealistic expectations.

Talk about humiliating, Did you ever see the size of some of those male porn actors. We’re talking about serious intimidation here. Elephantitis of the groin.

Why is it that men, no matter how well endowed, are worried about the size of another penis and how theirs measures up in comparison? You can use the whole breast thing but I don't actually worry about the size of another woman's breasts so I seriously do not get it.

Sfj Re: Meth, Porn, and another perspective.
Actually, I don't know.
I admit I made an assumption.
I could be wrong.
But like I said earlier, I watch Dr. Phil. I like his show.

I also like the preferences of Larry and Hugh.
Loraura Re: Meth, Porn, and another perspective.
Actually, I don't know.
I admit I made an assumption.
I could be wrong.

So could it be possible that a spouse who is dead set against their mate watching porn is also making assumptions about what they think about, and how they perceive the porn actors and actresses?

Could they be making assumptions about if their partner is making direct comparisons to what they see in porn, and what they see in the bedroom?

Could they make the assumption that the porn is not "additional" stimulation for their partner, but is instead "alternative, preferred" stimulation to intimacy as a couple?

Re: Meth, Porn, and another perspective.
When I did porn one of the popular male porn stars had to inject himself with some kind of "drug" that made him stay hard. I don't know what kind of drug he used, but it wasn't a get high drug. He injected it right into the groin area, weird? I also met guys with penis implants. Illusion is what porn is all about, nowadays most of what you see isn't what you really get. The people really don't look as good as they do on the cover in real life. Their body parts aren't real. It's a real strange business. When I was doing porn I was smoking speed, not all the time but I recall many sitting in my car smoking it before doing a scene. Speed or X, I don't think I would've been able to do it without the drugs. It's weird that I totally forgot about using speed while doing porn until right now. I hate how drugs have ruined my memory.

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