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Questions about eating Meth

Question about Eating Meth
Does eating meth cause less damage and is less addictive? My husband says so but I disagree.

Any thoughts?
Re: Question about Eating Meth
My thoughts are, that it is not damaging you lungs as, if you were smoking it. Also, snorting causes MAJOR sinus cavity damage. My ex had major sinus surgery because of snorting.

I wonder, if it is less addictive if you eat it. I hope somebody knows. I am curious.
Re: Question about Eating Meth
Why is this being brought up ? Curious.

Is it less addictive?
No. Meth is highly addictive no matter how you use it.
The rush may not be the same- but it is speed.
You eat diet pills- they are addictive.
what's the difference?

Less damage?
Not sure about that either.
I am sure it will do something to the stomach lining.
It is still passing through your internal organs so damage there.
Your brain is still being deprived of dopamine so damage there.
You still dehydrate - don't eat - damage there.

Looking for a sure fire safe way to use meth?
There isn't one.
Meth is all bad - no matter how it is consumed.

What's up with hubby? trying to work out some compromise?
How he can do meth and not get out of hand?
I know you know better than that one.
Re: Question about Eating Meth
Equally as addictive, although the oral user isn't chasing the same rush as an IV user, they're still chasing the high and the same dragon.
My dealers wife, in her 50's with 11 grandkids, ate/eats it like candy, she is/was as addicted as anyone I know, so friggin' squirrelly she couldn't hold a thought or conversation for 5 seconds. Dealer man works at Job Corps
as a vocational instructor, "helping" young peeps who are on their last leg...the rottenbastard!!!
He had the gall to have one of his students make a delivery that he was supposed to make. Grrrrrrrrr!!!!!
I'm rambling....couldn't help it
Re: Question about Eating Meth
I hated snorting it, my husband wouldn't allow needles (thank God) so I smoked it ...a lot...untill my lungs hurt so bad I thought I would die..(I had friends that coughed up blood) so I would give my lungs a break and eat it. I also did this when it was bathtub crank or for whatever reason tasted nasty when I smoked it. Unfortunately it would make me and others puke and sh*t blood after awhile.. thankfully (or not) by that time my lungs felt better so I could go back to my pipe...oh yes those were the days...NOT...sorry I have to make jokes or I will cry about the crap I did to my poor body. .the simple fact is it will kill you. .it may take a little longer but it all leads to the same place. .the crap is toxic waste not meant to be absorbed into the human body..
Re: Question about Eating Meth
This is a bunch of BS! My addict hubby tried to tell me the same thing when I caught him.

"I'm not snorting it or smoking it. I'm only eating it. It's not near as bad and I'm not near as out of control as when I was doing the other two."

Funny that he was so tweaked out he looked liked death. He was sh*tting blood. Ulcers, heartburn. Lost 20 lbs on a thin frame. Up for days at a time, all the porn....yadayadayada. You know the drill.

If eating it was 'good' then I would hate to see what 'bad' was.

Full blown addict by eating it.

Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.
Re: Question about Eating Meth
yes T, I know better.

He's trying to tell me he started out eating it for a long time and never 'got addicted' until he started slamming it.

Things are weird right now anyway...I knew it was BS and now I know what he's telling me is too.
lily Re: Question about Eating Meth
My brother ate it in the beginning by swallowing it in capsules, then developed stomach ulcers.
He now injects on a daily basis.
It's harmful, and addictive, regardless of how u use it.
Re: Question about Eating Meth
I hear what he is saying, like it was said before your not addicted to or chasing that rush but its addiction all the same. its the same difference between being a crack head and just snorting cocaine...the overall effect once its in your body is all the same though. it sucks some people are still delusional enough to fool themselves into thinking otherwise, or he knows better and is just hoping you don't.. either way my prayers are with you both...
Re: Question about Eating Meth
No & No.

good lord I got SO addicted to eating it - totally different kind of high.
Your right and he is wrong. I mean Duh - he's a man
Re: Question about Eating Meth
He's trying to tell me he started out eating it for a long time and never 'got addicted' until he started slamming it.
Leslie, it may not have taken him down as fast as the slamming did but yes I'd bet he was indeed addicted to it when he was eating.
It just didn't show at that time is all- not as obvious as it was showing at the end.

Watch where this goes- it just strikes me as a justification or compromise feel.
Well if I had stuck to eating, I'd been okay-
it wasn't the meth that did it, it was how I did it........
that bothers me.

I knew you knew better- we raised you right
Re: Question about Eating Meth
if he wasn't already addicted, why did he start slamming???
inkolb Re: Question about Eating Meth
the rush
Re: Question about Eating Meth
Eating meth used to make me so sick - talk about heartburn.

Meth is meth - and addicts are addicts. Always looking for a way to justify our drug use...
Re: Question about Eating Meth
Yuck! We used to capsule the residue that was in our pipes and sometimes it would be up to a gram in each and I tell you what every time we did it we were not right in the head for a couple days and felt like crap
Cabird Re: Question about Eating Meth
I have a question about this. Is it possible to drink it, like in a bottle of coke or Pepsi? Someone told me they think their daughter is doing meth this way. I didn't know anyone ate it at all, let alone drink it.
Loraura Re: Question about Eating Meth
Yes. Putting it in coffee is an especially popular method.
Re: Question about Eating Meth
Well I might get some crap for this.......but I am going to add something anyway. I first used Meth 13 years ago...I snorted it. I used everyday for about 6 months then quit. no withdraw. nothing. I would use off and on for the next 9 years....quitting for 2 to 3 years at a time.....I don't think I was addicted because I never needed it...had to have it....or withdrawal from it in any way and only used when I was drinking and more or less wanted to party....(like twice or three times a year). I used coke and never became addicted...drank and never was an alcoholic...

4 years ago I came home after drinking at a party and my X-wife had ICE...I smoked it and from the first toke I was addicted. It has taken me 4 years and I am today only 55 days clean.

I truly believe what your husband said. Not all people are the same...and if anyone knows when he became addicted it would be him. I do know people who were addicted to snorting it, eating it, smoking it and slamming it....its all about the person using it.

I am not in anyway saying its ok to use!! But I do believe what he is saying. Why did he move on to slamming....well maybe he thought he could keep things under control like he did while eating it........No one plans on becoming an addict.
Re: Question about Eating Meth
I agree with your husband NN - and also what Broken is saying. If anyone knows when he got addicted, it is your husband. Regardless of how he was using, he knows when he became addicted. Everyone is different.

I did meth earlier this year and ate it, snorted it, smoked it. I did NOT become addicted. I didn't like it. I don't suffer any cravings and wouldn't touch it if someone passed me a pipe. I believe that everyone is different. If someone came over with a bottle of wine though, that is a different story!!
Re: Question about Eating Meth
I guess for me, the question is a moot point. Regardless of how someone perceives 'when' they got addicted, or 'how' they got addicted, the bottom line is they got addicted. Almost sounds to me like reasoning for using again, but rationalizing that doing it one way isn't addictive or as dangerous as another way.

Addiction kills. It's that simple for me.

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