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How do I help my addicted daughter

Help for my addicted daughter
My 22 year old daughter came home and told us she has been addicted to meth for nearly 4 months now. She wants to get clean and never use again. She wants us to help her. How do we help???? I am so clueless!
Re: Help for my addicted daughter
Hi Mom and Welcome to KCI.
You are at the right place to learn and get support.
I am glad your daughter has come to you for help.
First , do some reading-
Very informative site by Loraura   This site explains the whys and wherefores of the brain and meth.  Helps to make sense of the senselessness to come.
SfJ How a meth addict thinks and feels as well as SfJ how to quit meth
Very helpful tips there.

There is life after meth and we do recover - despite what the media would have you believe.
You have come to the right place. Good to have you
Re: Help for my addicted daughter
So what you are saying is....... I didn't wear out the knees of my jeans (in prayer) for nothing!! Thank you so much!
 Re: Help for my addicted daughter
Welcome! Bring your daughter along, this forum has her name on it. Families recover together, make this your recovery family.
Your daughters good intentions NEED a foundation to support them, the OBSESSION to use is too much to handle without help. 4 months IS in deep!
We're here for both of you. 24/7
Tip...Recovery 101; Avoid any and ALL people, places or things than can get us high. Or...History WILL repeat.

And ignore the "stats"
There is ONE valid statistic...your daughter.
Re: Help for my addicted daughter
Hi and Welcome. This site will help you immensely. My son will be 20 next week and has been clean over a year. I thought I had lost him when he was on Meth. It is a serious problem and horrible drug. 4 months isn't very long, hopefully she will recover quickly. Learn as much as you can.
boys36 Re: Help for my addicted daughter
Be glad that she came to you for help....
Without her wanting help it would be impossible to get her to quit.
Since she has a desire to get clean ......
That is the first thing she has to do ...admit it and seek help.

I am so glad your daughter came to you and asked for help in her recovery.
I have a 24 year old daughter in prison for manufacturing. She lost 3 kids because of her addiction.
But the difference was she was in denial.
I was here ready and waiting but she had to want that help and ask for it.
What state do you live in?? I know there are people here with links to lots of sites for help in recovery,
Stay here and read, read, read and post all you want .
Try and get her to come here. There are many here that have been in her shoes and yours too Mom. They have recovered.
Keep coming back you will find lots of love and support right here.

I am sorry you are going through this cause I know the pain it causes a parent. But you are not alone.
Be glad your daughter admitted her addiction and came to you for help.......I wish mine would have.
Re: Help for my addicted daughter
Praying is never a waste of time.
Where there is breath, there is hope. Always hope.
Miracles happen every day Mom. We are proof of that.
yes by all means , send her here.
We have been there- that is why we are here.

There is always hope - where there is life, there is hope.
Guene Re: Help for my addicted daughter
Hello Frogwoman, I'm Bobbie, I came here about a little over a year ago looking for help for my daughter too. She is now 21, You are so lucky to have her come to you and ask for help and that in it self is wonderful. Our daughter has been up and down, but I'm hoping and praying that this year she will make the right choices and live a good life.

You made a good choice coming here too, their are so many people who will help you and there are other link's too with help, there's Ma's Place and also Crystal meth recovery treatment support help, so check those out too. Good luck and if you need a mom to talk to e-mail my box. Hugs
Re: Help for my addicted daughter
I didn't wear out the knees of my jeans (in prayer) for nothing!! Thank you so much!

I don't think that you can ever pray to much.
Welcome to this site.
The great thing that I read in your post is that your daughter asked for help. That is the only thing that you must have in order to recover from meth.....The desire to do so.

Might I also suggest your daughter to come here and read some of the stuff posted here. There is a ton of great info that is passed around and its free for the taking. Any time you have a question....and you ask, many will reply and try to help you....were a big family here...sometimes dysfunctional...but we still are here to support one another...Welcome.

Re: Help for my addicted daughter
And while you're at it...click on the *Crystal Recovery* link above the "Prometa" add at the top of our homepage.
Methmadness is another stellar site!

We'll be looking for your daughter...soon!

And build on your daughters honesty!! this sort of brutal honesty on her part is VERY uncommon.
Prognosis....veeeeerrrrry good!!
Even better when she starts showing up  
micole Re: Help for my addicted daughter
Welcome Frogwoman.....I'm so glad your daughter has asked for help, that is awesome! God does answer prayers! I have a son that is/was doing meth, so I know what you are going through. Stay strong!
Re: Help for my addicted daughter
Hi Frogwoman and welcome. My name is Lori and I was addicted to meth for 13 years; I've been clean over 10 years.
So what you are saying is....... I didn't wear out the knees of my jeans (in prayer) for nothing!!

Absolutely NOT! You found us didn't you?

Luckily your daughter used for just a short period of time. That doesn't mean she's not addicted, but it means that her recovery will be much easier than had she used for years. I assume she is somewhat young, and that will help in her recovery also. (I was 40 when I got clean, and after 13 years of regular use, recovery was very difficult.)

The others have posted some good links for you to read. It's important you understand the nature of this drug and it's addictive powers.

Ask your daughter to come here. She should also get into a program, ANY program. I got clean in the rooms of NA (Narcotics Anonymous), and the 12 steps and fellowship of NA saved my life indeed!

We can do it alone, but why? When there are so many free programs out there, such as NA, and there are so many resources here and elsewhere.

Lastly, if your daughter wants help from people who have been there and done that, ask her to come here. We will take good care of her, I promise. We are addicts, recovering addicts, loved ones and family members of addicts, and we welcome her with open arms and open hearts.

Re: Help for my addicted daughter
I going to rehab in Shelbyville maybe they can get your daughter in the woman center ok here is the number 1 931 685-0957
Re: Help for my addicted daughter
I'm shocked.
...it's a miracle.
If she wants to quit, that's all that need be.
....Do you know, I've never seen a mom want to help a kid quit that already wants to?
these pages are FULL of:
"she won't quit, she won't listen, she's dying in front of me, she's stealing the TV"
...stuff like that.
you are truly blessed, and the best way to go, since it's easy like this..
is don't waste your money on rehab, let her rejuvenate in your care, and send her to N.A. or C.M.A.
.....or I can recommend an excellent addicts board that's very supportive.
she has to do it herself.  .......you can't help.
you can give her a place to stay..
......but she has to find a new group of friends.  they should be speed freaks.
....just the non using, recovering ones.  because she will have thoughts and ideas, she'll need someone to talk to for.  educate yourself, educate her...
.......there will be phases in this journey.
we're always here.

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