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Meth is all around us

Meth is all around us...
I just want to vent for a few minutes...

I've been to a 2 day business meeting that was held on the far north side of Indianapolis in a very prestigious area. Oh yeah, money was oozing all over the place up there.

The seminars went very well and I made some really decent professional relationships with several contacts within this company.

When all the meetings were over there was a very nice lunch that was provided. Before I went to eat lunch, I decided to use the bathroom and as I was walking into a stall, out walked a woman from the other stall. I was close enough to her to smell her. Eww...

When I was done, I walked up to the sink to wash my hands. She kept looking in the mirror. I noticed that her eyeballs were playing ping pong. THEN she started playing with an area on her neck.

I stood there watching her. When bathroom cleared out, I couldn't help but to stare at her.

She finally noticed me and I said: "This is none of my business what you do with your life. But you need to lay off the meth right now. I could tell when you walked by earlier. You've been in front of this mirror for 15 minutes and now I have no doubt. Don't deny it & don't say a word. Just listen to me. Meth almost destroyed my life because I was married to an addict. Things will get ugly. Things will get really ugly. Quit now while you still have a chance. If you can't quit now then get help."

She just had that "look". That blank emotion-less gaze with the grim set to it.
That poor woman. I pray for her...
Re: Meth is all around us...
Pretty gutsy gal....

If she was using in the stall - she probably thought you were just another troll or gremlin. Some form of hallucination.

Just another example that meth does not discriminate.
JUSTCATS Re: Meth is all around us...
Good for you! I think I would have said something to her too. I hate meth and I am hell bent on telling everybody and anybody the hell it causes. If I could make 1 person think, and change their mind about meth, it is worth it.
still catest Re: Meth is all around us...
Yeah, today Al (Paws from Hell) came with me to do my daily rounds and delivering of surgery stuff to the hospital nearby. This guy gets on the elevator and is TWACKED. Stuttering, confused, kept trying to get off on EVERY floor the elevator stopped at (ok, I've done that, tried to get off before my floor, but not at every stinking stop on the way up...). We could just TELL.

So Al and I get off on our floor, and just look at each other. He mouths, "TWEAKIN...", I nod in agreement. Both spotted it instantly.

Yeah...it's everywhere.
Imgetinrite Re: Meth is all around us...
Geez the sh*t is all around us...
This morning I spoke to a high school health class on meth abuse. The class was full of 16 year old kids. By a show of hands, 12 children in that class had tried meth. also by a show of hands, everyone on the class knew of someone that has tried meth.

Its even in our schools.......
Re: Meth is all around us...
Yup Kev, I agree with you.
I just read this in our local news paper.
A local Public High School Teacher that teaches special ed and coaches various sports, just got arrested for selling ice.
It just pi**es me off!
Here's a copy of it from our local newspaper:

Anzai's prosecution could be first for public schools Advertiser Staff

Lee Anzai, 29, is believed to be the first public school teacher to be prosecuted on charges of selling ice.
He is accused of selling the drugs at locations away from the Leilehua High School campus, but U. S. Attorney Ed Kubo this afternoon said Anzai negotiated the drug deals during school hours sitting in his classroom or while he was on campus.

"He was supposed to be a positive mentor for our children," Kubo said.

Kubo said if convicted, Anzai may face a harsher sentence because he is a public school teacher and he was putting together the deals while on campus.
Re: Meth is all around us...
Sigh...sad but true...

Even here in the sunny land of Singapore where people get hanged (death penalty) for consumption and/or possession of any hard drugs...

It can still be found everywhere and tweakers can be found almost anywhere...
Let's just stay united in our fight against meth and all other drugs...even if one addict gets the message I guess it's all worth it...
Re: Meth is all around us...
I know. shedevil, another funny coincidence with us...I think you must be in my head. I have a nephew that has always been a little different, ADD, child of alcoholic mom who left him and sisters when he was only 4 or 5, troubled, smart as a whip but lazy and obstinate-typical child of grief and alcoholism in some ways but a little more at risk because of being "inside himself" a lot. At 17, he has been on antidepressants, ADD meds, counseled a bit but had just decided not to go to school last year. I saw him about a month ago and his face was terribly broken out. My son is also 17 and his face is not nearly as bad (familiar problem). My nephew weighs only about 140 # and is same height as my son-6'2" who weighs 175. Being thinner in teens is common for boys in our family. My nephew wouldn't hardly look at me or talk to me. It wasn't until two days ago that the LIGHT BULB went on in my head!! My brother is a single dad and very successful in business, very intelligent but with his son he is at the end of his rope-typical parent of an addict. OMG-my nephew could be using meth. He is smoking "tobacco" out of a long pipe, he can't sleep at night, won't get up in the day, goes to work 4 days a week at a restaurant-works really hard, says he's not depressed anymore, goes to band practice 3 or 4 nights a week...So, the reality is, he could be using meth and it is right there in front of my dumb dumb bleeding wounded meth addict loving heart! So, now what? The SHYT is everywhere. All I could do is tell my mom what to look for in his ridiculously cluttered and filthy room when he wasn't home and tell her the raw truth about what meth does to people. I have no idea how to approach my brother yet. I'm still trying to take baby steps to let go of my own addict's addiction...now my nephew is my "own" as well and even if it's not meth, he's got serious problems that are mirroring meth use.

It's so F&^%IN sad.

Thanks again for moving when the spirit told you
Re: Meth is all around us...
Just talk to your brother.
I have a dead Nephew due to Meth (he was only 25).
His brother, is a Meth addict and now in San Quentin Prison for a couple years for burglary and possession. Numerous times the Police almost shot him.

You have the knowledge - share it.
Re: Meth is all around us...
The squeaky wheel gets the grease.
As one voice alone we may not be noticed, but as many voices we will be heard...

Love you guys!
Re: Meth is all around us...
Ok, I'm going to try to put together a fact and compassion filled email to my brother...and that's all. No judgments, no advice yet, no offers of help, no experience...it's hard to communicate without problems with my brother-he's my brother very sensitive and touchy like me

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