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Codependent books for reading, any suggestions?

codependent books?
Does anyone have a suggestion for a healing book on being a codependent. I never realized how much of an enabler I have been until reading some of the other postings and a lot of people out there are "yes" people just like me. I would love to heal and learn how to get up and wipe those foot prints off my back.
Re: codependent books?
Love Is A Choice Breaking The Cycle Of Addictive Relationships by Dr. Paul Meier, Dr. Robert Hemfelt, Frank Minirth.

Or the favorite:
Codependent No More: How to Stop Controlling Others and Start Caring for Yourself by Melody Beattie.

I started with the "Codependent No More" and got a lot of excellent information. This was the beginning of my realization that I was codependent so some of it seemed shocking to me ... if you feel that, KEEP READING - this book explains it all very well.

Then I moved onto Love Is A Choice and actually prefer it over the Codependent No More. This book really works you through the steps of how you got where you are and how to move out of it. It really helped me dig deep into my past and discover things about myself that I wouldn't have otherwise. It also gives you information on making the relationship WORK - not necessarily turning away and ending the relationship.
Re: codependent books?
Those do sound like a good start I read a lot of self help books now. They all are career geared though. I will start with those. Thank you.
Re: codependent books?
Not a fan of melody Beattie--- but here are two books that have helped me sooooo much, not sure of the authors

Strong Enough for Two: How to Overcome Codependence and Other Enabling Behavior and Take Control of Your Life

Recovery from Rescuing

hope they help

Re: codependent books?
The Language of Letting Go
by Melody Beattie

The best book I ever read and do so everyday.
Re: codependent books?
Although I'm not a fan of Beatties's books, The language of letting go is a MUST for me everyday, they are daily devotionals that I hunger for, I read one in the morning and one at night along with my working the steps through a bible study.

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