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Meth babies - what is known?

Meth babies - what is known?
Why is it that when I ask the "Experts" about meth in babies they look at me funny? I have talked with my own physician an he says "its quite a new drug, and Meth we still don't have answer"? What? I don't get it. I ask my aunt, "My granddaughter can't be the only one in America with parent who did meth while the mother was pregnant".. WOW.. What is wrong with this picture? Does or anyone ever heard the out come of babies who were born with meth in there system? Send me so info. Pleazzzzzzzze.
Re: Meth babies - what is known?
Research is not conclusive on meth babies. There are so many things blamed on meth and things they say that could not be the result of mothers meth use. I believe because the studies are not being done, due to a lack of volunteers to participate, that no one can determine for sure the results of in vitro meth use. I have found some info by just searching meth babies, or affects of meth on the fetus. Both of my grandsons were subjected to meth while gestating.
Good luck. Hang in there, the ride could get bumpy.

scorpio Re: Meth babies - what is known?
OMG,,, I started doing meth 25 years ago,,, not so new I think?



Meth babies might sleep 23 hours out of the day, and their bodies might be limp like a "dish rag," Shah said. They might have rapid breathing and trouble swallowing and sucking. They might experience shaking of the extremities and have a high-pitched cry, similar to the cry of crack babies.

Meth babies don't like to be touched, Shah said. It's a symptom shared by adults using meth. The aversion to touch typically lasts until a child is 3 or 4 years old but might continue.

Children 2 and older might have problems with their speech, and they're at increased risk for hyperactivity and attention deficit disorder. At ages 3 and 4, they might begin exhibiting unprovoked fits of anger.

Meth does not cause mental retardation like that seen in children born to mothers who drink alcohol during pregnancy, Shah said. Unless these children suffer a stroke, "the majority of these kids are indistinguishable from other children."

Her research indicates that meth use continuing throughout pregnancy will cause the most damage to babies, Shah said.

Shah makes no predictions about these children as they mature. That research has yet to be done, she said.

Much remains unknown about the long-term impact of meth exposure on children.

"We haven't cracked the surface yet," Shah said.

Re: Meth babies - what is known?
I just read that it does affect babies in the womb. They have taken hair samples. its on the net at KCI. I don't think it says much more than that but you can read it yourself.

Re: Meth babies - what is known?
Babies born to meth-addicted mothers are often asocial, incapable of bonding, suffer from tremors, are at an increased risk of birth defects, and can cry for 24 hours without stopping.

There is also an increased risk of child abuse and neglect of children born to parents who use methamphetamine. Of the county social service agencies that responded to the NACo survey, 69% indicate their counties have had to provide additional and special training for their welfare system workers and have had to develop new and special protocols for workers to address the special needs of these displaced children.

scorpio Re: Meth babies - what is known?
This is totally not worth getting buried here people,, you can't tell me anyone on here hasn't had they're own little meth babies that they can share they're experience strength and hope with...

Here's what I have seen, although my only meth baby died in the womb,,,,,

They seem to be hyperactive at school age,, have learning disabilities,, get diagnosed with things like,, ADHD,, Bipolar Disorder, Conduct disorders,, are easier to anger,, of course some of this may come from environmental issues,, living with addict parents after they are born that is... but I don't know how much.

I have twin nephews with slight fetal alcohol syndrome ,,, eyesight problems, learning disabilities,, conduct problems...

My other nephew was a crack baby,, I swear that kid screamed coming out and continuously until his first birthday,, then,, wham,,, he turned perfect,, wtw? He's 14 now, and an awesome, smart, funny, sarcastic, little punk arsed 14 year old boy,, I love that kid,,,

Re: Meth babies - what is known?
My daughter used during pregnancy but my granddaughter was not tested positive when born. Today she is 4 years old and smart as a whip. (not to mention cute as heck). I believe the research is very new on this subject, however I've heard meth babies are hyper, sensitive to touch and often are ADHD. So far, none of these symptoms have shown so in my granddaughter. Perhaps, God was looking after her.
scorpio Re: Meth babies - what is known?
This is probably way to much information, but with my 9 year old son, I used meth a couple of times during early pregnancy, took some valium, drank until 7th month, and smoked pot every day until then, then I got scared and told on myself to my doctor. What he shared with me was very useful (he worked in a clinic that dealt with a lot of addicts) he said that EVERY THING was dependant on the size of the placenta, the placenta is a filter, the smaller the placenta, the weaker the filter. He gave me a sonogram and ruled out fetal alcohol syndrome, and said the rest would be known later, my son was overdue, and weighed 8 pounds, my placenta was as big as him. He was and is healthy, although very sensitive, that is probably inherited from me though.............. sigh, I got lucky.

jes78 Re: Meth babies - what is known?
i don't know what meth use does to a baby, but i know a lot of times its the lifestyles that hurts the baby. not eating, sleeping, taking vitamins. i know of many addicts who don't get the medical treatment or tests a pregnant person should get. on top of that im sure feeding your baby poison has effects also. my daughter was detoxed off methadone w/ morphine and Phenobarbital, so far she is healthy and actually advanced. im not saying these things were good for her, just so far no complications have shown up. in Rhode Island, we have early intervention, im sure your state has something similar. they do some simple tests, and then show you ways to help her in areas needed. i learned infant massage, since my daughter was physically w/drawing, massage helped her when she was in pain. good luck and god bless you and your family

jes78 Re: Meth babies - what is known?
by the way my daughter is the most beautiful, smart, caring, little girl in the world. i could be here today w/ no baby, but god saw things different, and he obviously does for you also. and if something comes up we fix it, or work on it, or do the best we can. when johnna was born, there was a couple who also had a child. they were the classic American family, married, did  just as the dr ordered pregnancy, and their baby was extremely sick. i was the drug addict w/ the addicted baby, but my daughter was healthy, while they did everything in their power to ensure a healthy baby, i did not. my point is, sometimes things are not in our power, they are in a higher power.

Re: Meth babies - what is known?
My friends little adopted baby, 1 year this summer, is the most happy social baby that will go to anyone that wants to hold her. She was positive...5 days of withdrawal.

She's really teensy though...kind of like a baby doll.

Maybe that anti-social, not liking to be touched has something to do with meth babies that aren't immediately removed from the parents.(?) I know research has found that newborns that are abused but moved to a new home already suffer from symptoms of abuse even at such an early age. Maybe the stress of having meth parents makes it that much worse on meth babies.

My friend was called the day the baby was born and took her home the next day so this baby has known practically nothing but a great family.

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