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Is my boyfriend tweaking?

Is my boyfriend using meth?
My boyfriend's clothes smell like some kind of chemical. Does this smell go away after a wash? He says he's not using but find his clothes smell funky. Also, he paints everything in the garage. Is he tweeking?
Guene Re: Is my boyfriend using meth?
Hello Redrose, My daughters clothes always had a strange smell to them, and the painting wall sure sounds like he is tweaking, I'm so sorry sweetie, I know its so hard. I went through hell with my daughter for 8 years, sometimes you just have to let go and let god, take care of you and that baby your carrying, you deserve so much better. Hugs

Re: Is my boyfriend using meth?
Yup Rose...he's tweeking, and meth addicts embody a certain fragrance reminiscent of cat box odors, or in the worse case scenario...meth making chemicals such as ether, acetone and a host of other solvents/chemicals.
Hygiene and general health goes down the tubes and most meth addicts who use heavily...stink!

And Rose, try to free yourself of any doubts, you have described classic meth addict behavior to the letter.

It's time to take care of Rose 

Re: Is my boyfriend using meth?
as a meth addict........to ME.  I know someone is doing speed when they are self absorbed.  constant rat a tat chatter...voice tone flat.....not hearing you, seemingly or predicting what your reply is gonna be and answering.....jaw clenching.  hyper focus, elation, obsessive compulsive suddenly....lie arranging a table all night....or something a person does all night with bizarre intensity.
a lot of times, pupils are dilated......and they won't/can't look in your eyes for long periods because your mind is moving too fast to receive.
you record it, and save it for the sober you to watch.
......it's bad.

GaFlake Re: Is my boyfriend using meth?
Hey rose,
Just wanted to say that your gut told you everything you needed to know when you found that pipe. Always follow your gut. You know he is using. Now move forward with your recovery.

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