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Meth users and sores

What makes some meth users have sores and some not?
Every one talks about sores on the face. My daughter is a meth user and has no sores. What makes some have and some not?
What makes some meth users have sores and some not?
There seems to be no answer to that. I have seen the effects of meth use strike at the weaker spots in an addict I know. He, unfortunately, has been able to hide his heavy meth addiction from many people for many years. It is said that an addict is often either too rich, too good looking or too smart to choose recovery. He isn't too rich or too smart so I tend to hope for the looks to go soon.

The scary thing to me is, I know of people who never got colds or little viruses throughout life but tended to get the severe and rare diseases that they least likely expected.
What makes some meth users have sores and some not?
same reason some people are allergic to bee stings..
...and others just get stung.

I never picked at myself..

.....in the early 80's, I was ok.....I just kept cutting my hair like rod stewart...a dead give away I was using
then cam the fever blisters...

I did'nt start with the welps till the 90's..
............the combined "sonic" haircut, and welps..
made me look strung out.

when i found the cure for those 2..welps, and fever blisters......
.......then came the high blood pressure, tunnel vision.
and seeing aura's....obsessive compulsive, worse ADHD.

......generally my skin just looked "tired"

when I hit 30...I got bags under my eyes from staying up..

...my legs were translucent...you could see veins and arteries in em
.....my hands were the worst.

they looked 1000 yrs old.

......if she gave it time....something would have shown.
Tamtom What makes some meth users have sores and some not?
that is a good question, i used over 20yrs, never picked at my face or anywere else.then ive seen folks tweak infront of a mirror so long ive rebuilt bike motors before they moved from that mirror,even seen a girl brush her hair for 6hrs striaght non stop,nothing could move them from what they was doing.i think it all has to do with what they get stuck doing.
What makes some meth users have sores and some not?
ahhhhh..I remember this too well...I use to pick at my face from dusk till dawn sometimes. And I remember when I still had a job-it would be say 4:00 5:00 am and I would say I had plenty of time to get ready for work...and would still show up late...But I remember when I use to smoke it I felt it was coming out of my pores. I use to tell other people who used with me to look at the stuff coming out from my legs, my hands, my arms! But I think I was hallucinating and picked at my skin till it would bleed. I still have the scars from it today which remind me of the horrible times I went through with the stuff...

What makes some meth users have sores and some not?
My belief on this is similar to luv's...

I think that if a person has tendencies toward picking, meth exacerbates the behavior.

I have only used meth twice... and that second time, I picked at myself for several hours. My arms & legs looked horrible by the time I was finished... and I do mean HORRIBLE!
Skin imperfections (my own) have always bothered me. It's hard for me to leave those bumps, blemishes, etc. completely alone without meth... but with it, I straight went off!

For the 2 years that my husband was using heavily, he only picked at his face one time. He made it look really bad, though... people were asking what the deal was, including his boss. I think he stopped after that 1 time out of fear that people would realize what he was doing, but that's just my opinion.

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