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Meth Relapse and Suicide

To Anyone Thinking Of Relapsing:

   The reason I say anyone thinking of relapsing is because I believe it is a conscious decision to do so, there are no accidents. We set ourselves up in countless ways for this to happen but that is not the point of my post.
   The point is twofold:
   First of all, I have yet to see any of our regulars relapse and post a "having a wonderful time, wish you were here" virtual postcard. If you are curious about going back out and using again, read the posts of those that have. Read the posts of those who are on the precipice and wondering whether to jump top stop the madness. Read the posts of those who come back and delay getting clean and go out and stay out. They are busy getting their thoughts down at the speed of light and are about as cohesive as anything traveling that fast.
   Secondly, I too am concerned about anyone who comes in here that says they are suicidal. Anyone who knows me and has worked with me knows I am not without compassion. On the contrary. However, I am disturbed when I read threats of suicide. I know there are people in here who are closer to suicide than I am, they have experienced it first hand with loved ones and have shared their painful experiences. But I have experienced it second hand and I will say this. As far as I know, those that have come in here threatening to off themselves haven't and in most likelihood won't. I for one am not going to continue mollycoddling and jumping through hoops and enabling and cosigning this bullshit from someone who is obviously out tweaking out of control and has lost control of his or her emotions.
   If you are using, and you want to stop, say so and begin. Make a commitment. To hell with everything else. We will help you through the first week of hell we have been there. I like many others here did it cold turkey and not just quitting the crystal meth, but all the other drugs I was taking along with it, ativan, soma, valium, pot, cocaine and so on. If you are looking for attention it is not ok, at least not with me. You have some people in here especially family members who are ill-equipped to deal with the selfish often mendacious behavior of a meth addict; their own family members' much less yours. Supporters of recovery will bend over backwards to help the addict rehab only to have them go back out and use, turning a blind eye to the wreckage they cause with their crap. Make your commitment, shit or get off the pot. In business negotiations, the other side always brings something to the table. What are YOU bringing to the table to assist in your own recovery?
   If you are considering suicide, consider this. You are making a permanent final decision under the influence of a drug that causes psychosis and sleep deprivation. If you are suicidal under prescribed medications tell who is prescribing them, your chemical balance is all screwed up and they need to address this immediately. If you think you want to off yourself after 30 days straight with no drugs at all, then get help and think about this: of all the people who have jumped off the Golden Gate bridge to their deaths over the years, a handful have survived after being pulled out of the bay waters. Four of these people were interviewed and were asked "What was the very last thing you remember thinking right before you hit the water?" Their answer? "Oh no, I have made a mistake I want to live." Or in other words...OOPS!
- bigdaddy444

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