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What does Meth do for a man's sexual appetite?

I am new here. I am just curious as to what meth does for a mans sexual appetite? I was in a long term relationship, that we were trying to work out, and my partner kept straying, turning to women that were sexually loose to say. It also seems as though they had very loose morals and they, were the type that did not care if he did meth because they were more than likely addicted to something or other themselves. Was it the women he was attacted to for, massive sex or was it the meth and the fact that he knew there was no way he could ever do that crap around me, but could with them... Just trying to figure it all out... Anyhow, I have heard that meth makes you want sex big time and I was just curious... Thanks.
Welcome Justcats....

The best way I can answer this is to post an excerpt from a letter that my husband written me regarding his cheating while on meth:

As far as the messing around went, I was lonely and when somebody was around me or with me, it was because it didn't matter what they thought about me because I didn't care. Because I didn't love them and didn't have any feelings for them so I didn't have to worry about hurting them and they knew I didn't and that I was just using them. I didn't want to hurt you anymore or for you to see the way I was. Now I realize how wrong I was and am really sorry for everything and I know a lot of people tell you that I'll never change and that there's no way that I truly love you.

I hope this helps.

This is my interpretation of what the doctors told me in rehab. S.T.O.P. Rehab.

Meth works on the center part of the human brain. This is the part that regulates the more primitive aspects of our mental process. The center deals with such things as pleasure, cravings, and instinctive actions without regard to reason, logic, or higher functions of thinking.

The front part of the brain, or the administrative part is what controls higher level thinking. These areas include logic, analysis, morality and the ability to reach rational decisions based upon fact, truth, and global methods of viewing a situation. When meth is used, the front part of the brain gets ignored. It is as if reason, and logic get shut down.

The center part of the brain gets highly stimulated from meth. The user has an urgency to find something that defies logic, common sense, decency, and moral virtue in order to gratify the need that meth has created.
As time goes on, what served as adequate titillation, and excitement, soon becomes boring and mundane and the meth user needs more perverse and more bizarre stimulation to satisfy the need created by meth use.

An answer to your question is this:

Consider eating a cheeseburger to be one, or one hundred percent on the pleasure scale.
Pleasure is, in a way, the release of dopamine, and some other chemical changes in the brain.
An orgasm, might be 200 per cent
Cocaine, maybe 225
Meth is one thousand.

On meth, most men have what is called, “UNCONTROLLABLE SEXUAL DESIRE” in the official literature of CMA .
IME there's the 'madonna whore' thing.....I was kept out of the sexual part. The good wife (enabler) stayed home, raised the kids, and got to use condoms and have 'normal' sex. The whores apparently got the permadick and the sexual deviancy. (not making a moralistic comment about it, just that it deviates from the norm).
iceire Re: METH AND SEX
It's the meth, trust me, been there and not my proudest moments!
Meth, is a sexual mo fo!
.....it makes you so horny you could fu*k the crack of dawn!
if you had sex crime tendencys and did it, you'd fu*k your victim to death
with a super natural throbbing hard on from hell.

Guys walking by me would stop in the street to look at suzette,
.....it was extreme, because I was'nt trying, I'd be at work, serving, dressed completely, and the reactions were.....
well,... dramatic sometimes.
I'm not permiscuous. I dress like a tom boy or a retro hippie most of the time.
...apparently, ferrmones are pouring out of me when i use, I'm not
conceded, I'm average at best...

at first women are radient, before meth rot of corse!

....It makes everything sensitive,..yet a BOLD sensitive, not tickilish, but drivin, your erection is two inches bigger and pounding...veins straining.

ORGASM is amazingly intense, hard, long, complete, lockdown and slide sideways multiples that last as long as 20 minutes each (per individual orgasm)...
...................so for hours you can get off.
I thought I would be retarded afterwards sometimes they were so intense!

..............ya feel me?

it ruins you for a very long time.
...sex is very lame after it, till you get used to the 10 or 20 second ones.
you feel so desensitized.
..........don't try it at home kids.

....anal sex becomes very popular for men, and some women.
because apparently for some, the anus is alive with sensitivity.

...I'll pass,and DID pass, but my ex sure would have had some.

I was trying to describe the feeling with essence.
...not be rude.

I hope it helped.
I am glad that you guys are so open about things here. I have been beating myself up, wondering why my exfiance had to go get sex everywhere else... I have heard that sex is wild when you're on meth, but I have never had the chance to ask. Maybe now, I will understand, why he did what he did...Not that it is excusable.

Thanks guys!
we're just waiting to use the information we aquired wasting our lives.
...people don't ask me for that information every day.

...the pleasure was all mine! (horrible pun! ouch!)

paceset Re: METH AND SEX
Oh well, I guess all that incredible feeling must pass after prolonged daily usage cause sex w/my addict is a trial no matter if he is high or not as the meth is always in his system and he doesn't have sex after he crashes for 40 hours. He does not feel much of anything anymore-I have to ask him if he enjoyed himself. So, yes, your ex may have strayed, but I think it was more because he was so brain dead and the tweakers just couldn't find anything to disect. I think tweakers just think they are having incredible sex-they are fooled by the devil-like in the Matrix, they are controlled by a computer. And you know, I think they may not really remember if they had sex with someone other than their significant other and if one accuses enough, they just admit guilt to satisfy the accuser....Thank you God that it was her EX
lets just say... sex on meth unleashes the animal inside you... opens doors to your wildest fantasies... OMG OMG OMG... that is certainly one thing i miss is the sex. best sex of my life and i often wonder if natural sex will ever compete...? i learnt ALOT about things i liked, things i NEVER thought i would like... yeah. its all good. suzette, great description!!! perfect!!!! aaggggggghhhh.... hhhhmmmm.... anyway... lets think maths...!
well as a male meth addict i can tell you that for me,personally,i didnt ever want sex because that involved being close to someone,sharing some sought of emotion,and i didnt want to do either of those things,i cant ever remember once wanting to have sex on meth...mind you the times i have had sex on meth it was some crazy sh!t..but i did avoid sex on meth as much as possible..
i often wonder if natural sex will ever compete
For me, it surpasses. For me, sex on meth was frustrating- always feeling like you are going to get somewhere- just to find out you can't leave the starting line  
So no, there is no comparison between sex on meth and natural sex.
Natural wins hands down.All that is needed is a good imagination and a willing partner.

Yes, for a lot of men, meth does bring out the sexual side.
But what I don't see here is a voice for the men meth doesn't help.
Men that meth has a nasty side to- you can want all you want but it ain't going up.
That happens more than it is admitted to.
It's like getting the first meal you have had in a week, a nice big juicy steak , and not having any teeth.
The best you can do is gum it to death.
(for me) It depended on the batch.
.....some was very sexual, some wasn't.
Sex and meth... It didn't matter that I couldn't orgasm for 12 hours. Because my member would be ready and willing to go for those 12 hours. Granted he might be a little battered and bruised the next day. If I couldn't have sex when I was high it was straight to the porn. While I was using I collected about 300 porn dvds.

Not to mention when I was using... I would have banged anything on two legs. Or two knees.
Sex on Meth, Yes all to often I would get excited and later on annoyed. Locking myself in my room and watching porn and going at it for 72 hours. Shower Pipe Bed Born.

On the fourth day I became delusional. I was sleepy Yet annoyed that I still wanted to go another round. My Heart felt like it was going to stop any moment. Though the Meth in me was saying one more time one more time.

Sex on Meth I loved, Worshiped, I Couldn't have enough Sex. On the fourth day I wasn't sure what day it was. I had to look at the News Paper and Cable Tv to know what day it was.

One of the problems with Sex on Meth. Its like being thirsty and not being able to quench Your thirst.
No matter how much water I would drink I was still thirsty.
I felt the Same with Sex on Meth it just keeps going and going like The Energizer Bunny.

Today I am clean I don't need to live that way. I rarely watch Porn. Though I still "THINK" about Meth Sex.
I have been clean just over 17 months

That's the Key for Me "I THINK" but not act out. Same with getting high. I think about it but I don't use. Before I would get high and think why did I just do that. But then its to late I'm High. When I was high it was never Enough for me.
jamily Re: METH AND SEX
i have been married to my husband for almost three years. Right after Christmas I found a glass pipe, syringe, lighter, spoon and a 1/2 full bottle of rubbing alcohol. He first said it was his but he'd only used crack twice. Now he admits it was meth and that he was addicted 10 years ago, quit cold-turkey and recently started using again 6 months ago.

I've started N-Anon meetings and he is in outpatient rehab now. I don't think he's using anymore becuase he's had clean UAs and because he is sane. not cruel, not moody. He is acting very needy but is very sleepy for the most part. And he's gained like 20 pounds in the last three weeks.

Anyhow, before I found the stuff, I found two women's girdles in his closet. He told me he jacked off to them. The girdles disappeared.

The day before he started rehab I found two HUGE women's underwear in his dirty hamper: folded, perfume sprayed on it, a strategic hole had been ripped in them. He said he would get rid of them but I found them stashed in the garage along with porn magazines and a dildo???

He stated the same that he used them to jack off to.

I think he's wearing them. Why would he go out to buy panties when he can just sneak some out of my drawers?! right? the only reason I think is because he wears them and can't fit into mine.

Is this related to meth or is this totally unrelated?

I am trying to decide what to do whether to stay or not. He seems to be making good on his rehab/recovery but what about this other stuff???

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