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Meth and memory loss

Question about meth and memory loss
I'm sure most of you have heard me cry and whine about my sister in the last couple of months. Sorry. I am trying to help her the best I can, and I really don't know where else to go for help.
My question today is about memory loss, it seems my sister has it big-time. In the height of her addiction, she told our step mom "I am 26 years old and I need to do something with my life" She was 28 years old at the time.
She is now filling out applications for jobs and it seems she truly can't remember where she worked (and she had like 20 jobs in the last few years)
I am wondering if this is common and if it comes back or if those years are lost forever. She seems to remember a lot but also forget a lot.
We were in a restaurant last weekend and the waitress talked to her like she was her best friend, talked about how she had to move away, and is doing well with her boyfriend and baby. Obvious to all of us a former co drug user, the girl walked away and my sister said "I have no idea who that is" Apparently I used with her."
Just wondering is this is normal??
And did she forget all of the good times during those years too? I think she tries to pretend she remembers but its kinda transparent.
Thanks for any insight.
Re: Question about meth and memory loss
CRS is par for the course for most of us, especially for the first year or so. How long has she been clean?
Re: Question about meth and memory loss
Thanks for the response, She is 55 days clean today. Can I ask what is CRS?
no more
Re: Question about meth and memory loss
Can't remember shyt - CRS - and yeah, that's par for the course.

After getting off meth, it was hard to concentrate, words escaped me. My memory very fuzzy.

It did get better after a year or so.
Loraura Re: Question about meth and memory loss
Yes, and scientifically -- here's what may be going on:

Neurons do not die after methamphetamine use, but their nerve endings are cut back, and regrowth appears to be limited. When nerve endings are cut back, it makes it harder for cells to communicate with each other, making it necessary to find an alternative route to transmit the same information.

Studies on damaged dendrites do not show a good prognosis for repair. However, studies DO show that the brain learns to use the healthy pathways that are still available. So, in theory, it's not terribly necessary to repair the dendrites. However, learning new pathways takes time. The more damage there is, the fewer healthy pathways still exist. 5 o'clock traffic in the brain is no fun.

Meth effects both the Temporal Lobe where language and long term memory happens, and the Hippocampus, used for short term memory.

Studies show that 12-18 months of complete abstinence show not only increased dopamine levels, but increased dopamine ACTIVITY. This means cells are talking to each other again. They have made new connections. Found new pathways. As this happens, daily tasks should get easier and faster.

NIDA InfoFacts: Methamphetamine website
American Stroke Association website
National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke
Crystal Meth: They Call it Ice by Mary F. Holley, MD 
Re: Question about meth and memory loss
Besides, if I had 20 jobs in the last few years, there'd be NO WAY I'd remember them all with the contact info, supervisor name, job description...hell, it's hard for me spit out a new resume if I'm not looking at my old one, and I've only had 6 jobs in my lifetime - I'm 27 - and I've been at my current one for almost 5 yrs.

Memory loss...

...wait, what was I talking about? 
Re: Question about meth and memory loss
Everything is stored in her psyche.

....It will translate into "reality" with time.
I'm just now REALLY understanding what I did last year.

it was laying dormant, and bloomed like a spring flower.

Gods suz

...Our (my) memories ARE stored.
but, the playback in fast forward and in Japanese...

suddenly are on your mental desk translated.....

....at the right speed, and in bold English.

these are the things that make you want to relapse, because speed does a swell job of burying shyt.

like a multicat scoopable cat litter. .....the shyt buried, but it's there alright
Re: Question about meth and memory loss
I will have 17 months clean on the 28 th of this month. I still today have trouble with my memory. I will be driving down the road and supposed to be going to Wal-Mart which is like 5 secs from me and I'll end up 10 mins away until I remember HEY DUMMY your supposed  to be at walmart!!!I have a calendar that I write all appt. on plus a erase board next to it and every night I have to write down what I have to do the next day and sometimes I forget to even do that til my hubby reminds me...I have been trying to learn different ways to cope with my memory loss like focusing on one thing at a time but that don't always wk either anyhow...I hope and pray with time that all this goes away but if not I am trying to deal with it the best way I can....So as the others said yes memory loss is possible!!!!
Dakota Re: Question about meth and memory loss
Did any body ever forget that they had a kid or forget they love their kid?
Re: Question about meth and memory loss
Just spent some time with my sister today. She got a job, hooray, in halfway that means you can have your car back.
So I took her the car, I am really happy for her. I hope the car doesn't mean too much freedom but we will see I guess.
We saw someone today and she had no idea who he was. He knew her quite well or so it seemed and she said that is happening all of the time. Apparently some girl who came in the rehab totally hated her and said my sister threw her out of her house at some point. My sister said she has no idea who that person is or was.
Is this a cop out, does she truly have this much memory loss or is she just losing it?
Thanks for the input.
Re: Question about meth and memory loss
I used for many years and have not used for a very long time.

I run into people ALL the time who say hi to me and I'll be damned if I remember them!!!

Yea, I know they are from my drug days, and unless I ran with someone for a LONG time, I don't remember them. I remember people I used with who I grew up with - but knew them before my drug use..

My kids laugh because someone will say "HI, HOW are YOU????" and I'll be like "fine *smile*, yea... ok bye."
The kids will say, "Who was that??" and I'll be ?????!!!!

we just laugh and move on....
no biggie.

I guess if they were worth remembering, I would.

I don't know HOW many times I've had HARD looks thrown at me. Once I went to someone's house to visit and there was a woman there I had beat up like 30 years ago...she was still mad

What are you gonna do???

Cool that your sister is doing well. I have a sister too.
Re: Question about meth and memory loss


Did any body ever forget that they had a kid or forget they love their kid?

not forgotten, blinded by speed.
.......your brain needs the meth to function, and can't see past the need for it.

Re: Question about meth and memory loss
I saw my kids in my spoon one time.
I'll never forget it.


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