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Daily meth user of 33 years

inebad Meth user thinking of quitting
I have been a daily user for over 33 years. I dont use needles I snort and eat it. I guess I am what you call a functional user if there is such a thing. You probably won"t believe me but I have kept my addiction hid from my family and non using friends (which are few). I have been married 32 years and have a grown daughter. My wife and daughter do not know. I dont fit the normal profile of a addict. I do not have sores and I still have teeth. To top it off I am about 30 pounds over weight. I probably would not consider quiting except it is finally taking me down. It has been its own hell all of these years keeping it hid and keeping myself functioning. I know this is probably hard to believe but it is the truth. I am not sure why I have lasted this long or why I even care at this point. I figure I dont have that many years left and I am not sure I can put my wife and myself through the agony of recovery. I am not sure it is even possible for me to quit. I think cold turkey would kill me. I live in a very rural area and there are not any support groups close. I guess the whole purpose in writing this is to show another side of this evil drug in hopes that it might help someone else. I know my use has deprived myself and family of many things and I truly regret that. Some of us addicts do still care but I guess not enough. I don"t know what I am asking just want to see if anyone has a similar story.
Re: Meth user thinking of quitting
Hey Inebad,
We have had a conversation a time or two in chat. You really need to think about yourself. You are ticking away at your time line therefore your family is missing out.
I do understand your situation.
I was a closet meth user for years. Although i smoked it, I ran my own business for 5 years. And still do. I was able to hide my addiction from everyone. At least I thought so anyway. But my point is you need to try some kind of recovery. If only a few meetings and then you can see how it works. You may have to drive a little but whats the difference. You also might be surprised if you opened up to your family and explained your disease. Love and truth is where you need to stand. Your family will love you through this as long as you make an effort to get yourself some help. I am sure of that. You could be selling yourself short but not doing this. We will love you here until you can love your self, Inebad.
Much love to "ALL" who suffer from the effects of addiction,
akses Re: Meth user thinking of quitting
I kept my addiction hidden from family members and friends the whole time as well. I guess this is the reason why I kept going for so long because I wasn't really hurting anyone but myself.

One day, I decided to come clean with my family and let them know of my problem and that I wanted to get better. I expected chaos when I came clean with them, but I recieved the exact opposite. It turned out to be the best decision I ever made.
They were very supportive. Getting clean was easier than I had expected. I know that I would be still using to this day if I had not asked for help.

It sounds like you really WANT TO and are READY TO quit. Its up to you to take the next step. Reach out for help. Admit to a loved one and clear your consciousness.
Re: Meth user thinking of quitting
I thank all of you for your input. I really think I need at least 30 days in-house to get me started. Does anyone have any places in the Midwest they would recommend?
lynne Re: Meth user thinking of quitting
i think you should quit. you can't be that old.

my ex is mid 50s. he's used for years too. i wish he would quit. he probably thinks he can't either.

but imagine leaving this life and not having met that great challenge of throwing off the addiction's yoke!

do something for yourself; if you want to quit do it! it's like finally taking control and showing the addiction who really is boss.

we all have challenges . my challenge was to get over my addict ex. don't ever be defeated. life is about fighting and winning, not giving in.

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