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Daughter denies meth problem

Daughter denies meth problem
What do you do when your daughter just pretends she doesn't have a problem. I only see her once a week, when she comes to visit her daughters. She just talks, eats and naps,,,,but never lets on that she has a drug problem. Should I confront her as I have in the past? She always denies. She never calls her daughters just to speak to them during the week. She shows up late on Saturday night when they are already in bed and then stays up half the night and then is too tired to get up and enjoy them. They just love getting to see her. Should I confront her????? I know she is in pain. I want to be there for her, should she decide to finally admit she needs help. Any suggestions?
Tamtom Re: Daughter denies meth problem
remember as long as there is breath there is hope.
Guene Re: Daughter denies meth problem
Maybe you should lay some rules down, tell her to show up when she can spend some time with her daughters, if she can't come there early then don't come at all. Maybe you should tell her that this house isn't a hotel, or a food place. If she wants to visit then visit, if she just needs a place to crash then don't bother. Sounds to me like she using your place to crash and she could care less about what's important her daughters. Sometimes you just need to let go and let God.

Are her daughter's getting what they need from her when she's there? How is your daughter affecting them, in a good way or bad? How is this affecting you? just some things to think about.
Re: Daughter denies meth problem
I've learned that people will do what you allow.
Re: Daughter denies meth problem
And I have allowed her just to show up late and then nap...but that is gonna end. Starting now, I am going to let her know that if she wants to see to girls, that is fine, but come when they are still awake, and forget napping...if they are up, she is going to be up. If anyone should have a nap, it should be me! Thanks again everyone!

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