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Is my husband lying to me about meth usage?

Is husband lying to me about meth usage?

My husband has been lying to me for the past 4 years or more?? about his involvement in meth. We had our first baby in 2001 and I caught him with paraphanalia twice during that time period. I found a plastic baggie and glass pipes in a Crown Royal Bag that he said was one of his friends, not his and then when I was 5 months along with our first child we had went out of town on a little weekend vacation shopping for our new baby and when we got home I found a glass pipe in the truck and a broken down straw and when I confronted him about this he stated it was his brothers, we had borrowed his brother's truck because of the extra room and finally when i said I was going to ask his brother about it he admitted it was his. He has had a couple of friends get in trouble with manufacturing meth and has associated with people that I know do the stuff. We live in a small town so its hard to get away from it...it seems like everyone is doing it or has done it at some point in their life. Anyway, I have found other things in his truck or around the house that I have been suspicious of. I found aluminum foil that was hidden in the manual book of his truck, a couple of plastic baggies over the past 4 years when I had been doing the laundry, and then the last straw was when I was pregnant with our second child this past winter he had done meth when he went christmas shopping with a friend who is also known for doing drugs. I have forbid him from having any contact with this individual but I still don't believe he is staying away from him...the guy only lives a mile from our home and his my sister's ex-boyfriend. To complicate things, his face has been extremely broke out for the past 3 1/2 years, he has been picking at his face, arms, legs saying that he has ingrown hairs but when i say he needs to go to a dermatologist he says it is way too expensive and he doesnt have time...he does work a lot of hours at his job but in my heart I think he is on this stuff. He is ruining his complexion, he will pick at his face until he removs skin and is bleeding. Then the past 3 months he has supposedly been bitten by spiders or some kind of insect on his legs that have gotten infected to the point that he has had to go to the emergenccy room and to the dr several times and the last episode was just 2 days ago. I think he just picks at himself until he gets an infection and then blames getting bit by something, this has never happened before so its strange behavior to me. He does seem to be more irritable, anxious and when i confront him about using meth he denies he has a problem and the last time he done it was 8 months ago. I just don't believe it. I think he is on it now. I have threatened to take my kids and leave him and he just cries and begs me to stay and promises me he doesnt have a problem. How can I be sure???? I need help, please!!!! Thanks.

Re: Is husband lying to me about meth usage?

Yes, he's lying to you. Plain n simple, darlin. He's lying big time!!!

Re: Is husband lying to me about meth usage?

thanks for the post. everyone please take the time to respond to this...i am not clueless about meth...i just need to hear whatever has to say

kell RRe: Is husband lying to me about meth usage?


Go with what your gut is telling you it's usually right. Good luck.

jenu13 Re: Is husband lying to me about meth usage?

Sounds like he is lying big time. Sorry. It's hard to accept that they can lie so blatantly. Meth changes people. You could always test him.
Best of luck...

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