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Are there affordable inpatient facilities for methamphetamine?

Posted by: mary -
   Are there any good inpatient facilities? If so - how costly are they? I don't know that we could afford some of them. I am so tired of hoping and praying that my son can kick this on his own. I know I can't do it for him - but how can I help?


Posted by: Sfj - 
   Treatment http://findtreatment.samhsa.gov/facilitylocatordoc.htm

Posted by: kool aid -
   There are some good inpatient places but they don't work unless you want it to. As far as the payment goes call the county that you live in an ask about the consolidated treatment fund. They will do an evaluation and make a recommendation about treatment. The fund pays for treatment for those who are unable to pay themselves, good luck!

Posted by: Angie -
   You know ... it can go either way with treatment facilities ... I don't think it necessarily has to cost a great deal of money to get good treatment ... there are 30,000 dollar places out there ... that are just as good as the low bottom recovery homes.... and there as some low bottom homes that are just flop houses....
   I would look for a low bottom indigent (sp?) recovery home that has structure and is not just a sober living... thats the key thing to look for.... and just as someone else has stated none of them... are going to work unless the person is ready ... unless they surrender to what the recovery home has them do... and they do it ... wether they agree with it ... wether they like it or not.... the key thing is that they just do it ... ... THEY HAVE TO SURRENDER THEIR IDEAS about how things should be done and how they ought to live their lives .... and then recovery is possible

Posted by: Mary -
   We are checking on a couple of facilities that I have heard of by way of other families dealing with the same thing. The prices are reasonable - and they sound like they are church based type programs. We are so close to having him lose his children over this. They had been in foster care for 10 months - and just now moved in with us this month as part of a kinship care placement.
   It is so frustrating to me - I love the grandchildren - I love my son. And now I have very limited contact with him - as he can not come over because the children are here. Just to be clear - there was never any physical abuse or emotional abuse. The children are doing good. Right now he is sick - and I have to wait until later when the children are with someone else - before I can even go take him some sprite.
   I hate this - I know he has to do things himself - but how can I stand by? Especially when he is asking for help and support. I guess I am lucky in that even using he was never abusive. He has talked openly about his problem and told me he wants to quit. I just hope he can find the help he needs.

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