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Cost of Meth to an Addict or Society Issues

Did you quit meth because of the money problems?

Does it take a lot of meth to stay awake for three days?

Meth Math: Cost per Addict

How much meth did you use?

Is this the behavior of a bag whore or prostitute?

What Meth did to me - Am I a whore?

What would / have you traded for drugs?

How much does meth cost?

They Don't make enough Ice!

What is the cost of an 8-ball?

Functional Addict - amount of using Meth question

What is a Tweaker and what does "$50 put on the books" mean?

Meth not an issue (in Europe, February 2007)

Which countries consider drug addiction a social problem or a disease?

What using meth has done for me

What hobbies have you abandoned because of Meth?

Missing years worth of pictures because of Meth

A letter to the all powerful Meth

Dear Meth

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Life After Meth

Legal, Law Enforcement, Jail & Prison issues with Meth

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