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Crystal Meth and Methamphetamine effects on Children Topics

Pregnancy & Babies

Crystal Meth affecting pregnancy?

Meth and Pregnancy

Meth babies - what is known?

My Crystal Meth Baby

Raising a Meth Baby - Need Help!

Detecting drugs in infants

Meth use during pregnancy

Parents with Children

Addicts who are parents or will become

What makes someone on meth a bad parent?

5 Yr old asks, "What are Drugs"

Best ways to keep your kids from becoming meth addicts

Turned Mommy in - how do I explain to 3 year old?

He pays no child support, convicted for meth lab, I need advice

Why would a meth addict stop seeing his kids?

What do you tell the kids when boyfriend goes to jail for meth?

Effects of meth around small children, esp. skin problems?

Friends & Family helping Children

Friend doing crystal meth - concerned about her children!

Student smells like cat urine - Meth Lab?

Should I call child protective service?

Residual of meth effect child clothes?

Children of addicts bonding to caregiver?

Children of meth addicts have higher staph infection rate

Parents who use Meth

Do I tell my kids I am a Meth addict?

Smoking crystal meth - what effect on children?

This question is for parents that used

What are effects in children when parents use meth?

Parents with "adult" kids that use meth

How do meth users walk away from their kids?

See also:

Effects on the Family and loved Ones from Crystal Meth

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